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F.A.Q. | Maid Services of America


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Maid Services of America and other Maid Service Chains?

Think about it this way. The most important difference is that you receive all the benefits of buying a franchise, such as the experience, training, knowledge and company support without the complicated contracts, territorial restrictions, monthly quotas, national advertising fees and other ongoing fees associated with larger maid service chains. All of our offices are independently owned and operated. You own it, you name it, and you keep all of the profits!

Do You Have Any On-going Fees?

Unlike a franchise that you have to keep paying month after month, we do not charge royalty or national advertising fees.

Since You Are Not A Franchise, How Much Support Can You Provide?

We have been in the house cleaning business for more than 38 years. We are the second oldest maid service chain in the country, need we say more? Our business plan includes comprehensive training materials and as much consulting and support as you want and need. Information concerning every area of operation, from obtaining your business license to filing your taxes is included. Receive unparalleled business management support since we are never more than a telephone call away. Other business tools are also available such as Google Adword Management, websites which include monthly updates and hosting services, Direct Mail programs, and a Hands-on Training Class for those who need just a little more assistance launching their new business.

Each Business Plan comes with a different level of support. If you are already in the cleaning business and you are looking for a way to ‘Professionalize’ your operation, Plan 1 with 90 days of consulting is all you may need. If you have some business management experience, but not in the house cleaning industry, you would most likely want to consider Plan 2 with six months of support. If you have never owned or managed a business before you should choose Plan 3 with unlimited consulting and support.

Can I Purchase A Protected Territory?

There is no such thing. What is a protected territory? Franchisers promote the idea that buying a protected territory will eliminate or reduce your competition. That is just not true. Purchasing a protected territory does not keep other franchisers from opening maid services in your neighborhood. What it does is limit your ability to expand your business beyond the territorial boundaries you paid for. To grow your business, you must buy another territory. Maid Services of America does not restrict your ability to grow your business in any way. You have complete control over how large an area you want to service!

Are There Other Services Besides House Cleaning That I Can Offer?

In addition to house cleaning services, we also provide the information and training to offer move-in/move-out cleaning services, new construction cleaning, window washing, small office cleaning, property maintenance for rental properties, and foreclosure clean-outs. Many of our clients have also added carpet cleaning, handyman services, ceiling cleaning, pet care, and lawn care to their array of services.

Can You Assist Me With Developing My Company Identity/Logo?

Absolutely! Our professional designer will work with you to create the perfect logo for your business image.

What Extra Fees Are Associated With Using Your Website Services?

The fee for the website includes setting up the website, email accounts, a domain name, one year of hosting services, monthly updates, and free site maintenance. We offer many different design templates for you to choose from. Each template has a different design theme. All you need to do is select a theme and we will do all the rest. You own the website, not Maid Services of America. We will provide one full year of hosting. At the end of the year you will receive an invoice to renew the hosting service agreement for another 12 months for $175.

Extra fees are only incurred if you want additions made to the templates such as extra pages, forms, flash, etc, or if you want a custom website built for you rather than using a template, and for additional design services such as business cards, door hangers, ads, etc.

Will I Need To Purchase Company Owned Vehicles?

The added expense of purchasing and maintaining vehicles is not something you will need to worry about. Our business structure is built around the cleaning associates providing their own transportation.

Will I Have To Purchase Cleaning Supplies and Equipment From Maid Services of America?

Do you want to be like everyone else, or do you want to stand out? Maid Services of America is the only national house cleaning chain that gives the customer a choice. Do you have cleaning products in your home today that you like and prefer to use when you clean your own home? I am sure you said yes to this question and so will your customers. We give our customers the choice. As long as they have products that are safe and effective we will be glad to use their preferences. However, we are also happy to provide all of the supplies and equipment when required. We will educate you on the most effective cleaning products and equipment required to clean a house and we will tell you where you can purchase these items in your own community. Since we have been in the cleaning business for over 38 years, we have had the opportunity to use just about every cleaning product available. Sometimes you just have to go back to the tried and true originals.

Will I Need To Purchase Uniforms For The House Cleaners?

If the majority of the customers are working when we clean their house, who are the uniforms going to impress? We believe the uniforms are an unnecessary expense and just add to the cost of the service. We do however support a strict dress code and require the cleaning associates to be professional and comfortable in their appearance.

Am I required To Use Your Software Scheduling and Management Program?

No, you are not required to purchase the software program. However, if you enjoy the technical side of a business, we offer three different versions of the software program. You have the option of starting off with the simplest version created for a smaller business with five or less cleaning associates and paying the difference to upgrade the software as the business grows. There are no ongoing fees associated with the software so you only pay once. We have also developed a Microsoft Excel template for scheduling that is provided with every Business Plan. It is also okay if you would like to wait until the business has been up and running for a few months before you purchase the software. Click on the link below for additional information regarding the features of the basic software program.

Where Are You Located and How Long Have You Been In Business?

Our headquarters is located in Cartersville, Georgia, just outside Atlanta. We opened our first house cleaning business almost 38 years ago. This was a new industry and everything we did was through trial and error. It took a couple of years to figure out what we were doing and then we started opening new offices. Before long we were encouraged to start franchising our concept. We sold franchises for a couple of years and realized that this was not the direction we wanted to go in. We made the big switch from franchise to business opportunity. For almost 38 years we have been either teaching people how to launch a new house cleaning business or teaching people how to grow their existing cleaning service.

Please feel free to call us today at (770) 387-2455 to speak with one of our representatives.