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Success Is Not Luck | Maid Services of America

Success Is Not Luck

You Will Need a Proven, Solid Business Plan

Success Does Not Depend on LUCK!

One that rewards you year after year for your time and your efforts. According to the Small Business Administration, ninety five percent of small businesses go badly in the first five years because they do not possess the blueprint of success.

38 years of experience is what defines Maid Services of America . . .This business can give you the foundation and the winning plan for beginning a house cleaning business that spells success.

We give you all you need to become a success story . . . House cleaning industries have a specific formula for success, and we provide you will all the information you need for much less than a regular cleaning franchise!

Once you have reviewed all the information on our website, you will understand why it is a smart investment to purchase one of our training programs. Cleaning Services are currently a booming business and Maid Services of America gives you the opportunity to operate and own your own cleaning business. We have helped launch hundred’s of cleaning businesses in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, Australia, Bahamas and recently the Philippines.

With more than 38 years in the cleaning industry it means that we are the oldest and most trusted cleaning chain in America. The demand for cleaning services has not only remained consistent but has consistently increased in the past thirty-five years. In addition, this service is continually on the rise no matter how the economy fluctuates.

“If you make an investment of time and good service in a customer, you can make a fortune.”

Please feel free to call us today at (770) 387-2455 to speak with one of our representatives.