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Testimonials | Maid Services of America



Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Dave Leonhart

qu2In 2004, my wife and I were looking to start a business that could not be outsourced? and was fairly ? recession-proof?. The house cleaning business was the type of business that fit this type of profile, so the only question was to either purchase a known franchise, or start my own business. So the research began. After talking to several major franchise companies, I decided to purchase Maid Service of America’s system. I spoke to Tammy Spivey and her delightful daughter Jennifer, and after a couple of phone calls I immediately recognized their integrity and experience were real and authentic so I purchased their program. I cannot say enough how grateful and blessed I am to have found Tammy and Maid Services of America. If you want to get into the maid business, GET THEIR SYSTEM, you will not be disappointed! Integrity is everything in life and business and Tammy Spivey has this in spades! qu2

Naked Clean

Jana Burke

qu2Tammy Spivey is an expert in her field, and extremely generous with her time and knowledge. She has been very helpful with my business, especially during the start-up phase. The value she offers for her service is wonderful. I would highly recommend anyone considering this business to give her a call. qu2

Mrs. McGuires Homekeeping

Tony and Susan Hawkins

qu2Guess what? Our little business is beginning to take off fast. We’ve now picked up about twenty regulars and are making some quick-turn bucks doing Spring Cleans. We finally got our first “move-in” job, and we’re getting calls pretty much daily now. We are advertising in three adjoining county newspapers and, of course, our own. Word of mouth is starting to help pick up the pace, too. I can see the potential now, and my wife can, too. She quit her job to help me full time. We have three full-time subcontractors now, and are getting ready to put two more on this coming week as the calls continue to come in. We think Maid Services of America is the very best company in the world. We’re glad we decided to go with you on this. qu2

You’ve Got It Maid

Mark and Klaudia Gorecki

qu2Two years ago we purchased a training program from Maid Services of America. It helped us to expand our business and get new customers. It also taught us how to hire new housekeepers and provide them with proper training. And even though we’ve had our business for over 2 years, when we have a problem, they are never more than just one call away. Thanks to this business plan we feel more confident in our business and know how to be more professional. We highly recommend this service for future house keeping owners. qu2

The Art of Cleaning

Miriam Kahn

qu2We started our maid service company with Maid Services of America in 2005. They were here to help us every step of the way. To date, we have about 60 maids in the field and we service about 20,000 cleanings per year. If I would have to do it all over again I would still do it with Maid Services of America!! They helped avoid the natural mistakes of a new company thus resulting in quicker growth! Thank You Maid Services of America – You’re The Best!!! qu2

Today’s Maid

Virginia and Rocky Formica

qu2My husband & I have been working with Tammy Spivey at Maid Services of America for over 12 years. Maid in Heaven has given us so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have got any other way. Six years ago my husband left his job to work full-time for our business. That same year our business tripled in growth and has remained steady ever since, even in a very tough economy. It has offered us the freedom to work from home and spend family time with our 3 daughters. It has provided us with the financial freedom to start another small business, a local coupon magazine, which of course we use to promote our maid service! Tammy’s advice is always on the money and she has always been there for us whenever we need her. We are very grateful to have come across this opportunity and would highly recommend Maid Services of America. qu2

Maid in Heaven

Renee Andrews

qu2Maid Services of America has opened a whole new world for me. Their program, services and support consistently exceed my expectations. My success is due entirely to their expertise, experience and guidance. They have allowed me to become the successful business owner I had always dreamed of becoming! qu2

Cleaning Maid Easy

Tina Servis

qu2Purchasing the Professional Maid Service Training Program from Maid Services of America has been the best investment I’ve made for my business. Without their knowledge, industry experience, processes and system, I would not be the business that I am today. Their consultants are always available to talk to you whether it’s technical questions, or just being able to vent, they are always there! qu2

Maid 2 Clean

Justin Hale

qu2When we first decided to start a housekeeping service we looked at all the franchises. When we came across Maid Services of America we knew that it was a better fit for us. Tammy does a great job explaining everything you need to know about starting a housekeeping service. She also provides great on going support. If you are thinking about starting a housekeeping service we highly recommend that you give her a call. qu2

Maid Solutions

Clean A Maniacs

qu2We have partnered with Maid Services of America for about 3 years now and know them to be honest, dependable, and very knowledgeable about the maid service industry. It is clear how much they care about their clients. They are there to help every step of the way. My business is off to a great start and I look forward to our continued partnership. qu2

Liz Clark and Patrice Thomas


Please feel free to call us today at (770) 387-2455 to speak with one of our representatives.