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Basic Business Plan 1 | Maid Services of America

Basic Business Plan 1

Basic – $1,495

Includes 3 Months of Consulting and Support

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing the Professional Maid Service System is that you are never alone! Not only will you will benefit from the 38 years of knowledge and experience we have accumulated while operating a cleaning business – you will become part of the largest group of successful cleaning business owners in the country! You can call us as often as you need Monday thru Friday for consulting help and support.

Follow a proven step-by-step system developed by the experts who have “been there and done that.”  This is an opportunity for you to finally allow yourself to break free from the ball and chain routine of a job, control your own future, and finally earn the income that you deserve.

Operations Training Manual

Comprehensive 302-page manual including information, advice and opinions based on more than 38 years of experience operating a successful home cleaning business.  This is a streamlined, step-by-step approach to operating your own cleaning service.  Benefit from the tried-and-true lessons we’ve learned along the way, without wasting time making the same mistakes we made.  This operations manual lays the foundation for a solid, thriving residential cleaning business.

Advertising Lay-Outs and Promotional Materials

A comprehensive collection of all the promotional materials and ad slicks you will need to launch your business.  Hard Copy and Electronic Format (Flyers, Brochures, Door-hangers, Print Ads, Direct Mail Coupons, Press Releases, etc.)

Master Forms Package

Provided in both a hard copy and electronic format. Easy-to-read, easy-to-use, business forms developed from years of experience in the residential cleaning industry.  The forms are provided in a format that allows you to personalize each one with your own creative style.  (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher are required to modify and personalize forms.)

Power Point Training Programs for the Orientation of New Cleaning Associates

Comprehensive tutorial that demonstrates different cleaning methods and tasks, including basic cleaning skills.

Contracts and Agreement Forms for Recruiting and Hiring New Cleaning Associates

All of the legal forms that every house-cleaner is required to sign before coming to work for your agency.  A sample of each form along with the instructions on how each form is to be completed is included.  (Hard Copy and Electronic Format)

Cleaning Procedures and Tips Handbook for New Cleaning Associates 

A 44-page guide for the procedures followed when cleaning a house along with many tips to help you clean faster.  Each new maid will receive this handbook when they begin working for your company.  (Hard Copy and Electronic Format)

Policies and Procedures Handbook for New Cleaning Associates 

Your success depends on recruiting the right people.  This handbook outlines the orientation procedures that are followed when a new house cleaner comes to work for your company.  You will maximize your training effectiveness by following the techniques outlined in this guide. New cleaning associates each receive their own copy of this Policies and Procedures Handbook.  (Hard Copy and Electronic Format)