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Learn More About Starting A House Cleaning Business


Advantages of Owning a House Cleaning Business
Cleaning services are a booming business. How many people do you know that do not like having their home cleaned? Do you know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate and enjoy using a house cleaning service? Everyone wishes they had their own maid service, so why not own a business that offers a service that most people would love to use. The home cleaning industry has continued to grow at approximately 20% each year. Dual income families are busier than ever which leaves very little time to spend on cleaning.

An Established Business Opportunity is Much More Likely to Succeed
It has already been proven that most businesses fail in the first year. Studies have shown that this is a result of a new business owner spending all of their time and money trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Before they know it, they have exhausted all of their working capital and still haven’t figured out the most effective and profitable way to manage their business. Why take the chance? Why not invest some of the money you plan to launch your new business with on a proven and successful business plan. We have already made all the expensive mistakes so you don’t have to.

All of the Benefits of a Franchise . . . None of the Headaches
Our business opportunity looks and acts like a franchise, but with the independence of sole proprietorship. The reason we say it’s like a franchise is because we provide you with all the expertise and proven techniques you expect to find when you invest tens of thousands of dollars with a franchise, except, we do it for a whole lot less. Buying a franchise eliminates the rough road of self-learning, but with most there’s very little leeway to try something new or execute your own ideas. You also have to contend with limited growth potential due to territorial boundaries and extensive contracts that have to be renewed every few years for you to continue operating the franchise.

The problem with owning a franchise is that you keep paying fees long after you no longer need help. With most franchises there are many on-going fees that never end, and if you are ready to expand your cleaning business you are required to buy another territory. Not with Maid Services of America. No ongoing fees. No territorial restrictions. No complicated contracts. All the help you need with none of the hassles.

You Can’t Push the Broom and the Business at the Same Time
Are you cleaning homes yourself? You will never be able to grow your business to its potential if you are the person doing all the cleaning. We will show you how to make the change from house cleaner to successful business owner. Instead of cleaning one or two homes a day, you could own a business that is cleaning ten to twenty.

Income Potential for a House Cleaning Business
Residential and commercial cleaning services are among the top five occupations with the largest projected job growth. Few industries can claim the variety and depth of opportunities that professional cleaning does. You can build an extremely profitable business that will generate revenue very quickly.” (Entrepreneur.com)

The demand for cleaning services has remained constant throughout the past three decades and continues to grow, even during difficult economic climates. Where you live will determine the cost for the service and the number of homes cleaned daily will determine your income potential for the year. It is up to you how large or small a business you would like to operate. Our business owners will normally launch their cleaning business with two part-time house cleaning associates and then add one new house cleaner approximately six weeks. Take a look at the figures in the Income Potential Chart.

Above Average Pay for Cleaning Associates
While finding dependable help is the most challenging area of this business, there are always many people to choose from that are looking for a new job. When we place a help wanted ad in the local newspaper the calls immediately start coming in. We teach you how to pre-qualify your cleaning associates and provide you with the knowledge to effectively train and motivate them to do a great job. Our cleaning associates are some of the highest paid in the industry. Since our clients are able to operate under a system that requires lower overhead they are able to provide the workers with above average compensation. Take a look at the payment compensation in the Maids Earning Potential Chart.

The Advantages of a House Cleaning Business
The house cleaning business provides many benefits. You get paid at the time of the service so there is no billing. The business can easily be managed from your home and the start-up costs are extremely low compared to most other businesses.

Flexibility – A Family Friendly Business
This is a family friendly business that will provide flexibility with the day-to-day operations, the hours you choose to work, and most importantly, you can operate your business from home. Most of our clients are open Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. No nights, weekends or holidays! However, recently we have been seeing a growing trend with more and more business owners choosing to open Tuesday thru Friday so that every weekend is a long weekend. We have also seen clients choose to operate only in the mornings leaving every afternoon free. It is all up to you. Obviously the more time you invest in your maid service the faster it will grow and the larger it will become, but if you are looking for a part-time business with limited hours, this business plan will still work ideally for you.

Low Start-up Cost
What is required to start a house cleaning business? First and most importantly, is a successful marketing plan to promote the service in your community. You will also need a telephone, business license, proper insurance, professional answering service and a dynamic website. You will hire cleaning associates as the business grows and supplies and equipment as necessary. No inventory and limited equipment required.

Market Demand
Maid service is no longer the luxury it used to be many years ago, it is a necessity. It allows families to spend more time doing what they want to do, which is not cleaning their house. The number of dual income families starved for time has only fueled the demand for cleaning services and these numbers continue to grow each year. Families are so busy today and there just isn’t enough time to do everything. Dual income families with an average income of $75,000 a year is our target market.

Repeat Business
Most customers who use home cleaning services have their home cleaned weekly or every other week. Repeat customers on a Monday thru Friday schedule keep the business predictable. Since customers pay for the service at the time it is provided you will not have to send out invoices and wait for your money to come in. You are collecting the fees before you even pay your house cleaners which makes handling payroll much easier.

We realize that most 
individuals who are considering opening a house cleaning business have had limited exposure to our industry. We are confident that once you have reviewed the Professional Maid Service System, analyzed the statistical information, considered our proven and comprehensive approach to the business, and finally, the unique business benefits, that you will understand why our program is considered an extremely smart investment.

Please feel free to call us today at (770) 387-2455 to speak with one of our representatives.